Deuces Wild 2-bbl EFI - (Black) Master Kit

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Fuel Pump Module Type: 255 In-line Pump System

Fuel Pump Module Type

Distributor Type: SB/BBChevy

Distributor Type

350 HP

Best suited for 150-350 HP applications, the Deuces Wild can support up to 350 HP* enabling your engine to reach its fullest potential.

*Naturally aspirated

Versatile Fuel Module Options

Tailor your fuel delivery system to match your specific requirements with a choice of Fuel Module Systems, allowing you to optimize fuel flow and pressure for maximum engine performance.

Command Center 2 Surge Tank

- Single high-volume 340LPH pump
- No needle seats or floats to get hung up or stuck!
- Can be mounted in multiple positions from vertical to horizontal
- Built-in 58 Psi Regulator no need for external regulator, can be switched to 43.5Psi regulator

Tight Fit In-tank Pump Module (255 LPH)

- Installs in almost any tank with a depth of 6 to 12 inches
- Low profile design for maximum clearance from the vehicle's floor pan
- Unique O-Ring 360-degree mounting flange for unlimited mounting options.
- Single high-quality 255 L/PH fuel pump for engines producing up to 600 HP.

Tank Conversion Pump Module (340 LPH)

- Can go from 14 in. deep pump to 6 in. by cutting tube
- Available with 340 LPH (89 GPH) fuel pump
- O-ring style 360-degree mounting flange for ease of maintenance
- Internally regulated

Deuces Wild

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(2) 100 lb/hr

(4) 100 lb/hr

(4) 100 lb/hr


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