The Joker Sequential EFI/CDI Master Kits

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Pump Module Type: 255 In-line Pump System

Pump Module Type

Manifold Style & Color: Silver Manifold for SBC (non-vortec)

Manifold Style & Color

HP Level: 500 HP

HP Level

8 Injectors

Sequential EFI System

True sequential EFI with individual cylinder trim which offers more precise control compared to batch-fire/bank-to-bank systems.

Computing Power

A robust ECU that utilizes our OEM standard 32-bit architecture. This allows the system to manage input/output signals, voltage, and RPM faster and more consistently than our competitors.

Plug 'n' Play

Not a tuning wiz? You don't need to be since we provide a wizard for you. Our self-learning* functionality means you only have to answer a few basic questions in the startup wizard and then the ECU takes care of the rest. After about 30-60 mins of idling and drive time, the system will build it's own tune so you don't have to. Click here to learn more about our handhelds and dashes and see all of their features.

*Self-learn works best for stock-mild applications. For more aggressive applications and even some stock-mild applications, we offer free tuning software on our website.

It takes two.

The Joker EFI/CDI system utilizes two WBO2 sensors to read each bank of your V8 engine. Dual wide-band sensors allow precise calibration of each cylinder bank, optimizing performance and allowing more thorough tuning of your engine without any compromises.

Versatile Fuel Module Options

Tailor your fuel delivery system to match your specific requirements with a choice of Fuel Module Systems, allowing you to optimize fuel flow and pressure for maximum engine performance.

Command Center 2 Surge Tank

- Single high-volume 340LPH pump
- No needle seats or floats to get hung up or stuck!
- Can be mounted in multiple positions from vertical to horizontal
- Built-in 58 Psi Regulator no need for external regulator, can be switched to 43.5Psi regulator

Tight Fit In-tank Pump Module (255 LPH)

- Installs in almost any tank with a depth of 6 to 12 inches
- Low profile design for maximum clearance from the vehicle's floor pan
- Unique O-Ring 360-degree mounting flange for unlimited mounting options.
- Single high-quality 255 L/PH fuel pump for engines producing up to 600 HP.

Tank Conversion Pump Module (340 LPH)

- Can go from 14 in. deep pump to 6 in. by cutting tube
- Available with 340 LPH (89 GPH) fuel pump
- O-ring style 360-degree mounting flange for ease of maintenance
- Internally regulated

The Joker EFI

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