Advanced Component Electronic Systems

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Our Products


Power Architecture® Technology

Why be fast when you can be the fastest?

32-bit, 56-series MCUs means our systems can process data faster and more reliably than our competitors.

OEM Standard

Endurance at the forefront.

Our ECUs use computer chips that meet the quality and durability standards of current OEM powertrain requirements which ensures best performance reliability.


Product SKUs (& counting)

EFI Systems | Coils | Manifolds | Distributors | CDI | Throttle Bodies | Injectors | & more!

Our Dream

Our long-term goals.

To help people make their car dreams come true.

To become the world’s leading company in engine management technology.

To change the automotive aftermarket by providing the best services and products that can be found.

Our Vision

Our short-term plan to make the dream happen.

Always look for ways to improve our products, our services, our procedures.

Bring pride and satisfaction to customers by integrating them into the Aces Fuel Injection Team.

Our Team Leaders

Operations Manager

Joshua Goodpaster

Josh manages Aces' day-to-day operations and serves in a general administrative role, coordinating with all the departments of our U.S. team, as well as collaborating with our international teams and partners. When he's not working for the greatest company in the world, he enjoys the outdoors, learning languages, working out, and music with friends.

Tech Manager

Timothy Moore

Tim manages Aces' Tech Department and has a deep passion for education and anything tech as it relates to automotive, industrial, and aerospace applications. When he is not at work testing or helping with the development of new products, he spends his time with his kids or studying for his next degree.

Sales Director

Joseph Hinds, III

Joe is responsible for the sales department, with his primary focus being dealer and WD sales. He works closely with marketing, operations, and our technical and new products teams. Joe has written two automotive technical books for Cartech Books and is currently working on his third. In his spare time, Joe likes to work on his project vehicles and spend time with his wife, Nancy, and their multiple animals on their small farm in North Georgia.

Customer Service Manager

Daniel O'Dear

With a background in tech and customer care, Daniel leads our Customer Service team as they work to provide world-class service to both new and repeat customers. An influential leader on our team, Daniel uses his vast knowledge of cars and racing as well as feedback from customers to help constantly improve our products and services. When he's not working on cars, he can be found working on more cars and spending time with his wife Christy, and his children Kristen & Caleb.

Warehouse Supervisor

Grant Heiser

Similar to a Costco™ (but with less free samples) Grant supervises our ever-growing Warehouse and Orders Department as they fulfill hundreds of orders day in, day out. Grant is an avid outdoorsman and loves hunting, fishing, and loving (his wife Audrey) every day. Their Chocolate Lab, Abby is their only child and spends her days guarding the family farm.

Marketing Supervisor

Benjamin Paul

"Median Ben" is the main content creator and marketing strategist for Aces. He works closely with our other marketing partners, as well as the rest of the Aces team to create engaging content, showcase our products, and to reach (and sponsor) customers from around the globe. Ben spends all of his spare time with his wife Abigail, never hangs out with the boys anymore, and he knows bangers.

Administrative Assistant & Customer Service Rep

Andrea Wiren

You've heard of Aces High, but the Queen of Hearts is always our first choice. Andrea brings years of expertise in various Customer Care and Administrative fields to Aces and always brightens everyone's day with her care and humor. Andrea loves Harleys, her hubby {Chris}, hops with Beer Club™, her hounds, and her heritage that is her 4 kids and 1 grandkid.

The Aces EFI Difference

We realize that when it comes to aftermarket EFI, you have a lot of choices. Available features, product quality, technical support, service after the sale, and the availability of service parts are all critical parts of that decision. Most of us want an easy to install, affordable system that will give our project vehicles the reliability, responsiveness, and ease of starting that we have become used to in late model vehicles.

While ACES is one of the newest companies in aftermarket EFI, we are not new to EFI. Our engineering and production teams have years of OE-level experience, and the know-how and drive to provide a system that is high quality and reliable. Our manufacturing expertise and vendor selection allows us to provide some of the best products on the market, at a reasonable price. Quality and price are important, but what really sets us apart is our people. Every department is staffed with dedicated individuals who are all driven to provide the best service in the industry. We collaborate with each other continually to improve the customer experience and make your complete satisfaction a top priority.

Although we do everything we can to ensure that your installation is trouble-free, sometimes things happen and you will need help from our Customer Service and Tech Departments. Both are staffed with car enthusiasts who are eager to help. Our Tech Department strives to help you overcome any mechanical or electrical issues you may be experiencing, and have the tools to determine faults quickly, and assist you in resolving them. If a unit does need to be sent back for testing, it is carefully inspected and installed on an engine run stand (and an actual vehicle if necessary) to uncover even the most minor of intermittent issues. Efforts to keep service parts in stock, and to ship them promptly, ensures that your project can get back on the road quickly.

At a time when many of our competitors are turning away existing and potential dealers in favor of a DTC sales model, ACES wants to form a mutually beneficial partnership with our dealers, installers, tuners, and Warehouse Distributors. We offer significant discounts, with no minimums or buy-ins, and on top of that, we extend all our retail promotions to our dealers also! We want to be your first choice when it comes to your engine management needs! We look forward to hearing from you.