Warranty Policy

Aces Fuel Injection, Inc.

All products have a limited one year warranty against any defects or quality of workmanship from date of purchase.

 All Aces Fuel Injection Warranties are extended to the original consumer only. This Limited Warranty is not assignable or otherwise transferable.Customers must provide proof of purchase for warranty claims.

Aces warranty does not apply to products, which have been:

  1. Modified or altered from factory condition.
  2. Subjected to adverse conditions, such as misuse, neglect, accident, improper installation or adjustment, dirt or other contaminants, water, or corrosion.
  3. Installed in other applications not recommended by Aces Fuel Injection.


Note: In case of any alleged material or workmanship defects, Aces EFI's sole responsibility is to repair or replace the affected product. Aces assumes no other expressed or implied obligations. The final determination of warranty claims lies solely with Aces. Aces shall not be held accountable for: (a) actual or alleged labor, transportation, or other related charges; or (b) actual or alleged consequential or other damages resulting from the use of any Aces EFI product.

Note: Our Tech Department will strive to give the best support of our product within reason. If support of our product is required we can cover install of our system in regard to any ACES products, but have limitations of information for third party products that we have not engineered to work with our products directly. Our Tech Department can help with fuel systems and wiring for installation and good methods for avoiding bad voltage or restrictions in plumbing for fuel systems. We give support for basic adjustments using the Hand Held unit or for basic advanced tuning software advice. 

The Aces Fuel Injections system are equipped with an advanced fuel correction strategy (self learning). With this strategy and the system being installed with best practices, has been adjusted and configured to work on a specific engine combination. The O2 sensor will be used to offset the air fuel ratio to best meet the targets set in the parameters of our system. If basic Hand Held and mechanical adjustments are made but the engine requires more tuning beyond this we can recommend an authorized tuner who has been approved by management as they will be knowledgeable with the Aces EFI’S system. Our Authorized tuners do not work for Aces but have been determined to be Competent Tuners with the aftermarkets systems, Tuning is an outside service of Aces with the cost set by the tuner.