Disclaimer: Aces EFI is an Engineering and R&D driven company and as such, we are constantly working to add new features and improve upon existing features in our systems. With this being said, every update we release is not a recommendation to update your system as the vast majority of updates are often for specific features and specific systems, and they may not apply to the system you have. Even in cases where we have made what we call improvements or optimizations to parameters and calibrations, these are not typically changes that will impact the driving/running experience to a noticeable degree. They often have no impact on the vast majority of applications. However, there are of course applications in which your system would benefit from the update, and this is why we encourage you to use discretion and reach out to our team if you need assistance in determining whether your system would benefit from the update. When you update your Handheld to the latest version of firmware, it may include updated calibration files for the system you are updating. If this is the case, it will require you to upgrade your ECU Calibration as well after you load the new Handheld firmware. When this happens, any previously saved learn data will be erased and you will need to redo your start wizard and let your system relearn. With this in mind, we recommend backing up your tune from your system using our USB Data Cable (AH2500) and Laptop Tuning Software before you upgrade your Handheld Firmware. You can then reload your tune back into your system with the software after the Handheld and ECU have been updated.


Version 2.10 (Updated 02-05-2024)

Download | 8.88MB


Version 2.29 (Updated 02-05-2024)

Download | 8.83MB


Version 2.22 - Build 141801 (Updated 02-05-2024)

Download | 29MB (takes about 20 seconds)

Change Log

Version 2.10 (5" Handheld) 
Version 2.29 (7" Pro Dash)
  • Jackpot™, Killshot™, Deuces Wild™, Wild Card™, The Joker™, Royal Flush™, & Full House™ EFI: Supports Fuel Table Offset Function
  • Quick Draw™ TCM & Jackpot™ Pro LS: Optimized the speed data of shift points to make speed more accurate in trans control
  • General:
    • Modified some error messages
    • Added an icon to show uploading/download progress for calibration files.
Version 2.07 (5" Handheld) 
Version 2.26 (7" Pro Dash)
  • Jackpot™ LS: Optimized the calculation of VSS and ETC control and added CAN support for the Quick Draw™ TCM in manual trans versions
  • Quick Draw™ TCM: Optimized calculation of VSS
  • Killshot™: Added CAN support for the Quick Draw™ TCM System
  • Deuces Wild™: Added CAN support for the Quick Draw™ TCM System
  • General:
    • Unified the file format of calibration files for PC tuning software and handheld firmware so that calibration files in these two programs can be compatible with legacy versions.
    • Improved the layout/display function of certain buttons based on user feedback
Known Limitations:
We have been made aware of a small issue in certain Drive-By-Wire and 4L60 applications with the Jackpot™ LS system. We are actively working towards resolving this and we greatly appreciate any feedback our customers may have about this and any of our systems. Please let us know about any features or improvements you would like to see added in the future!