Q1: What TBI systems do you have?

A1: We offer one 2 barrel kit the: Deuces Wild (350 TBI), and two 4-barrel kits: Killshot (650 TBI) and Royal Flush (650 TBI w/Spark)!

Q2:What Multiport EFI Systems do you offer?

A2: We offer two main multiport EFI systems with our Wild Card and Joker. These kits work with SBC, SBF, and comes in a Stand Alone Option!

Q3: What do you have for an _____ build?

A3: Check out our Killshot and Royal Flush! They have a 4150-style flange throttle body and can produce up to 650 HP! As long as your system can support that, you should be good to go!

Q4:What do I need to run your EFI systems?

A4:  It depends on what you are wanting to do with your build. To break it down into simple terms you need an EFI system/kit,  ignition system, and a fuel delivery system. If you are wanting to run timing control, check out our High Roller Pro Ignition Package. Otherwise you need a distributor, coil, and wires for your ignition.

Q5: What Fuel System do I need for my setup?

A5:  Our technicians recommend running any EFI compatible fuel system that is regulated at a minimum of 42-60 PSI and runs at 200 LPH.

Q6: Can I use HEI with your system?

A6: Yes! Unlike most aftermarket EFI systems, Aces makes a special ECU for their kits so that customers can use HEI with as little RFI as possible!

Q7:What is the difference between the Royal Flush and Killshot?

A7: The Royal Flush is the same as the Killshot system except it has an integrated CDI box built into the ECU unit. That way you control fuel and ignition from one handheld device!

Q8: What is the difference between your Wild Card and Joker?

A8: The Joker is the same as the Wild Card system except it has an integrated CDI box built into the ECU unit. That way you control fuel and ignition from one handheld device!

Q9: What are the main differences between Aces and other name brands?

A9: The main differences between us and our competitors is that our ECU's are located away from the throttle body, keeping it away from the heat and exhaustion! Another thing that is different is that our ECU's have 32 bit architecture design while our competitors have a 16 bit architecture design. This means that you have a wider range of tuning capabilities! We pride ourselves on Customer Service, Quality, and we are Owner Run and Operated.

Q10: Do your systems work with E85 Fuel?

A10: Currently, our systems work with E85 fuel. It is something that You have to tune yourself, but our systems can run it.

Q11: What size cam is good with your products?

A11: Our technicians recommend a stock to mild cam, 8” vac or more, for the smoothest performance. A more aggressive cam will work but it may require a more challenging tune.

Q12: Can I use your EFI system on my boat?

A12: We are not marine certified because of possible  O2 sensor issues. However, we have had customers install our systems on boats and have success.

Q14: What do you need for Timing Control? (pulled from website)

A14: A: For Timing Control with the Killshot, you will need one of the following configurations in your ignition system:

1.) A magnetic distributor and the Aces AC2008 coil.

2.) A magnetic distributor and a CDI box.

3.) A hall effect distributor and a CDI box.

Q15: What system works with my LS setup?

A15: Aces Fuel Injection’s Jackpot™ stand-alone system is the latest and most advanced self-learning system for LS-based engines.

Q16: What is the difference between your two distributors?

A16: The Gambler series distributor is a EFI specific, Hall Effect distributor and the Black Jack Pro distributor is a magnetic distributor.

Q17: How do I get in contact with Tech Support?

A17: Call us at, (423)-590-2237. One of our friendly customer service representatives can point you in the right direction.

Q18: I have never heard about you guys, are you new?

A18: We are based in Soddy Daisy TN! We have been in the United States for almost 3 years now. While we might be newer to the scene, we offer products manufactured by our own engineers and technicians that can hang with any EFI system on the market and even outperform them!

Q19: Where can I purchase your products?

A19: Check out our vast Dealer network to see if someone is selling near you! Otherwise, you can make any purchase directly from our website, or call us at, (423)-590-2237. One of our friendly customer service representatives can help you order over the phone! I’m You can also purchase through one of our dealers, for more information, check out our website!

Q20: How much clearance will I have between the throttle body and the hood?

A20: It is nearly impossible to establish how much clearance there will be without physically measuring for clearance (due to engine placement, any aftermarket components, and air filters). But the Aces throttle bodies measure approximately 3-5/16-inches from base plate to air cleaner mounting surface.

Q21: Does the Killshot support power adders?

A21: Currently, the Killshot features a basic timing retard for nitrous oxide applications, but it does not have nitrous control capabilities. The Killshot was designed to be compatible with power adders, but much of the functionality is not yet unlocked in the tuning software. Aces engineers have yet to finalize the testing for boost and nitrous applications.

Q22: What sensors are included with the Killshot EFI System?

A22: The Killshot has four sensors that are inside the throttle body: TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), IAT (Intake Air Temperature), IAC (Idle Air Control Valve), and MAP (Manifold air pressure), as well as two external sensors, Wideband O2 and Coolant Temp.

Q23: What Distributor is compatible with the Wild Card EFI?

A23: The Gambler Series distributor is designed to work with the Wildcard EFI.

Q24: Do you ever sponsor people?

A24: If you're interested in a sponsorship, please email us at customerservice@acesefi.com and include pictures of your build, the nature of the request, and any applicable advertising or promotion that you might be able to do for Aces.

Q26: Is the Jackpot harness unterminated?

A26: No, our systems are fully terminated!

Q27: What is your warranty policy?

A27: Right now, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee starting from when you receive your Aces product. After the 30-days we offer replacements and repairs for one year.

Q28: How do I return my system for testing?

A28: Give us a call! One of our technicians would be more than happy to diagnose your issue and give you an RMA number for testing.

Q29: Where can I find examples for install?

A29: Check out our YouTube channel, Aces Fuel Injection. We have tips for install, product descriptions, and so much more!

Q30: Can my system run with a HyperSpark distributor?

A30: Yes, you can! You will need to purchase an adaptor for our system, but it is possible to use a HyperSpark distributor.

Q31: What are your Office Hours?

A31: We are open M-F from 8:30am-5:30pm barring any major holidays!

Q32: How do I upgrade my software? What do I need?

A32: Checkout our software upgrade video! You will need a flash drive, a working computer, and an adapter for your handheld that comes with the kit! Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NHWu1VCMPk&t=53s

Q33: Where can I get a kickdown bracket?

A33: We do not sell brackets ourselves, but check out the options our dealer network has! Many of our dealers have brackets and more to get your system working and looking how you want!

Q34: How many CFM’s do your systems support?

A34: Our Deuces Wild supports 500 CFMs and our other systems support 1000 CFMs.

Q35: Can my system use a Ready-to-Run distributor?

A35: Yes, you can! You will need to purchase an adaptor for our system, but it is possible to use a Ready-to-Run distributor.

Q36: What is your equivalent to the TerminatorX?

A36: Check out our Jackpot systems! We have Drive-by-Cable and Drive-by-Wire w/ transmission control that can be used for your LS setups and applications.

Q37: Do you ship internationally?

A37: Yes, we do! Call or email us today for a free estimate on shipping! (Depending on where you are, shipping may be limited. Shipping partners may also charge duties and taxes depending on which country you are in before they deliver your packages).