Royal Flush EFI/CDI Master Kits (Polished)

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Fuel Pump Module Type: 255 In-line Fuel System

Fuel Pump Module Type

Distributor Type: SB/BB Chevy

Distributor Type

650 HP

Best suited for 200-600 HP applications, the Royal Flush can support up to 650 HP* enabling your engine to reach its fullest potential.

*Naturally aspirated

If the Shoe (throttle body) Fits..

The Royal Flush system was designed with a 4150 style flange making it an exact fit for the majority of small and big block applications. If your manifold is different, you can simply use a flange adaptor to make it work. The system is generally compatible with stock ignition, but to take advantage of timing control features that the system offers, you'll want to use a magnetic pickup distributor and separate ignition coil- both of which are included in our Top End and Master Kits!

Computing Power

A robust remote-mounted ECU that utilizes our OEM standard 32-bit architecture. This allows the system to manage input/output signals, voltage, and RPM faster and more consistently than our competitors. A remote-mounted ECU allows it to avoid dreaded heat-and-vibration induced hardware failures that are prevelant in other aftermarket systems.

Plug 'n' Play

Not a tuning wiz? You don't need to be since we provide a wizard for you. Our self-learning* functionality means you only have to answer a few basic questions in the startup wizard and then the ECU takes care of the rest. After about 30-60 mins of idling and drive time, the system will build it's own tune so you don't have to. Click here to learn more about our handhelds and dashes and see all of their features.

*Self-learn works best for stock-mild applications. For more aggressive applications and even some stock-mild applications, we offer free tuning software on our website.

Boost it, baby!

Each TBI unit comes with a built in 3 bar MAP sensor that will allow you to run up to 27lbs of boost!

Royal Flush EFI

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(2) 100 lb/hr

(4) 100 lb/hr

(4) 100 lb/hr


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