The Full House Multi-Point Fuel Injection System - Stand Alone ECU/Har – Aces Fuel Injection


The Full House Multi-Point Fuel Injection System - Stand Alone ECU/Harness

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ACES Fuel Injection provides next-level performance for your V8 engine with its Full House™ Sequential Multi-Port Injection EFI/CDI Ignition System. This is a stand-alone EFI and Ignition system (ECU and Wiring Harness) designed to add sequential multi-point fuel injection to your car, while adding coil-near-plug CDI ignition in one easy-to-install, easy-to-tune package. ACES Fuel Injection designed a fully Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection to provide the best fuel distribution and most powerful CDI ignition system available for your V8 engine. Sequential Multi-Point Fuel Injection meters fuel more precisely than TBI-style systems, giving you more precise control over air-fuel ratio, better cold start, and improved fuel distribution through the entire rpm band. This results in improved fuel economy, increased power, and enhances throttle response at any RPM! ACES CDI ignition gives you greater spark energy for more complete combustion, even in applications with extreme cylinder pressures.

The Full House MPFI ECU is built on ACES’ 32-bit Power Architecture®. This technology allows the ECU to manage input and output signals and voltage (fuel injectors, ignitions coils, sensors and triggers), as well as RPM signal faster and more consistently than any other EFI system available.

ACES EFI’s Full House MPFI ™ EFI kit include a 5" LCD high-resolution, full-color, touchscreen handheld controller. The ACES EFI tuning software includes multiple base calibrations to choose from either naturally aspirated or boosted applications. The calibration wizard allows you to answer a few simple questions about your specific combination, giving you the perfect start-up tune. Once the system is up and running, the Self-Tuning functionality monitors data and makes real-time changes to the calibration taking all the guesswork out of the tuning process. The more you drive, the better the tune! If you have a higher-horsepower combination or require more advance tuning features, ACES EFI tuning software provides an easy-to-use software suite that allows full access for advanced users (laptop required).

Whether you are building a budget beater or a boosted racing car, ACES EFI’s Full House MPFI ™ EFI kit has the technology and advanced features to you need, in an easy-to-install, easy-to-tune package so you can take your ride to the next level!


ACES Fuel Injection Full House MPFI ™ EFI Features

The most versatile EFI system for your V-8 engine

Sequential multi-point fuel injection with integrated coil-near-plug CDI ignition

The most powerful CDI ignition available

32-bit Power Architecture® based MCU and IC driver chips for automotive powertrain applications. This technology manages input/output signals and voltage, and RPM faster and more consistently than the competition

Advanced innovations make this system the perfect upgrade from any carb or TBI system

Easy-to-install design, can easily be done by the average enthusiast

Easy-to-use calibration wizard makes initial start-up simple and easy without the need for custom tuning

Speed Density-based airflow models and algorithm strategy

Eight high-impedance injector drivers for sequential fuel injection

Adaptive self-tuning strategy for idle control and fuel control

Dual wideband O2 sensors for closed loop control

High-quality Bosch 4.9 wideband sensors

Supports boosted applications with 3bar TMAP sensor, OEM-quality TPS and IAC sensors

Dual electric fan control

Integrated fuel pump relay for seamless key-on activation

CAN communication for Handheld Controller-based calibration and display

Free ACES advanced EFI Tuning Software for complete control of your
Full House MPFI ™ EFI system

ACES CAN module adds inputs and outputs and connects to
digital dash displays