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The Full House EFI System - TBI

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ACES EFI Full House™ TBI

ACES EFI Full House™ TBI Self-Tuning EFI system is the most advanced throttle body injection (TBI) system on the market. This unique system allows you to add EFI to your vehicle, while easily converting to a coil-new-plug CDI ignition. The Full House™ TBI utilizes four 100 lb./hr. fuel injectors, giving the system the capability of supporting up to 650 horsepower. Full House™ TBI also has an integrated CDI ignition box (distributor and ignition coil sold separately), allowing you to control fuel and ignition from the same handheld controller. The system includes the throttle body (with integrated fuel injectors, TPS sensor, MAP sensor, IAT sensor, and stepper motors), wiring harness, Bosch O2 sensor, ECU, handheld programmer for easy tuning and monitoring of engine data.

ACES’ Full House™ TBI system fits any 4150-flange 4-barrel intake manifold and is designed for easy installation and tuning. Installation is straightforward and easy, and the system includes everything you need to get on the road or track quickly. The calibration wizard and self-tuning features mean advanced tuning knowledge or experience is not required.

The Full House™ TBI CDI ignition allows for adjustable spark energy output, making it the perfect ignition for street cruisers and all-out race cars alike. Engine combinations with high-compression or power adders where extreme cylinder pressure exist require more spark energy for complete combustion. Lack of spark energy means you’re leaving power on the table. In the past, this meant you needed an ignition system with a constant output powerful enough for the combination. The versatility of the Full House™ TBI allows you to turn down the output for the times you don’t need extreme spark energy and turn it up when you do. This system is perfect for the hardcore street/strip combinations being used in the super-popular drag-and-drive events.

Aces EFI designed its throttle body systems with the ECU separate from the throttle body. This alleviates any issues with the damage to the ECU from unwanted engine heat or vibration. This is a common problem with other companies’ all-in-one systems.

Whether you are building a budget beater or a boosted racing car, ACES EFI’s Full House™ TBI EFI kit has the technology and advanced features to you need, in an easy-to-install, easy-to-tune package so you can take your ride to the next level!


The ACES EFI Full House™ TBI System Features

4150 flange throttle body for easy carburetor replacement

Four integrated 100 lb./hr. fuel injectors

Integrated TPS, MAP, and IAT sensors

System supports up to 650 horsepower

Integrated CDI ignition box

Integrated ignition timing control and coil driver

Advanced innovations make this system the most advanced TBI system

Easy-to-install design, can easily be done by the average enthusiast

Easy-to-use calibration wizard makes initial start-up simple and easy without the need for custom tuning

Adaptive self-tuning strategy for idle control and fuel control

High-quality Bosch 4.9 wideband sensor

Dual electric fan control

High-resolution 5-inch full color touchscreen handheld controller for initial setup, tuning, and gauge displays

CAN communication for Handheld Controller-based calibration and display

Available finishes: Black Ceramic and Polished Finish