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Full House Plus Ignition System

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ACES EFI Full House Plus Ignition system™ is a capacitive discharge ignition (CDI) system that allows you to easily convert your engine to coil-new-plug. This is the most powerful ignition system on the market. Designed for coil-near-plug applications, the Full House Plus™ seamlessly integrates with ACES EFI engine management systems such as Jackpot™ EFI, factory GM LS platforms, or the Killshot or Wild Card systems for Small-Block Chevy applications. This system is also compatible with most aftermarket EFI systems. The Full House Plus™ CDI ignition system offers unrivaled spark energy and dependability making it ideal for street/strip, full race, or any other high-performance application.

The Full House Plus™ CDI ignition allows for adjustable spark energy output, making it the perfect ignition for street cruisers and all-out race cars alike. Engine combinations with high-compression or power adders where extreme cylinder pressure exist require more spark energy for complete combustion. Lack of spark energy means you’re leaving power on the table. In the past, this meant you needed an ignition system with a constant output powerful enough for the combination. The versatility of the Full House Plus™ allows you to turn down the output for the times you don’t need extreme spark energy and turn it up when you do. This system is perfect for the hardcore street/strip combinations being used in the super-popular drag-and-drive events.

The Full House Plus™ is as safe as it is versatile, with built-in protection for accidental battery connection reversal and over-temperature protection, all in a water-resistant case. Troubleshooting is easy with LED diagnostics that can identify a problem with individual coils should one come up.

Whether you are building a budget beater or a boosted racing car, ACES EFI’s Full House Plus™ CDI ignition system has the technology and advanced features to you need, in an easy-to-install package so you can take your ride to the next level!


Features and Benefits

The most powerful CDI ignition system available

32-bit Power Architecture® based MCU and IC driver chips for automotive powertrain applications. This technology manages input/output signals and voltage, and RPM faster and more consistently than the competition

Allows for easy coil-near-plug-style ignition conversion

200-750 mJ spark energy output

Robust shielding for anti-interference, high-stability hardware and software design

Real-time programmable ignition curve

Eight-channel ignition control with over 750mJ spark energy

OE-spec water-resistant housing

High efficiency alternating current (AC) power delivery over 50 kV output voltage to drive ACES performance ignition coils

Reverse battery protection

Primary voltage over 565 volts

Spark duration of greater than 300 microseconds

Operating voltage from 6-22 volts (6V minimum to start vehicle, 22V max operation)

Direct plugin to ACES Jackpot EFI systems

Compatible with most EFI systems using 5V or 12V drivers

Includes 8 high-power GM LS-style ignition coils