Fuel Injectors - EV6-Style

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Size: 36 lb/hr

36 lb/hr
36 lb/hr
65 lb/hr
80 lb/hr
100 lb/hr
211 lb/hr
160 lb/hr / Single Injector
160 lb/hr

Quantity: Single Injector

Single Injector
Single Injector
Set of 8
SKU: AE1001

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Aces EFI Fuel Injectors

Quality fuel injectors are the backbone of any EFI system. If your injectors are not accurately delivering fuel, the engine will never run correctly. Aces EFI has designed its fuel injectors to meet the performance needs of all enthusiasts. Aces offers injectors in 36, 65, 80, 100, and 211 lb/hr flow rates for everyone from the basic cruisers to all-out race cars.

Aces EFI fuel injectors are designed to be OE-style GM LS replacement injectors. These injectors utilize EV6 connectors for plug-and-play installation with Aces MPFI systems or any EV6 injector harness.

Whether you are building a budget beater or a boosted racing car, ACES EFI’s EV6 Fuel Injectors are the high-quality OE-style replacement, easy-to-install injectors that will take your ride to the next level!

Features and Benefits

  • EV6 Connectors
  • Sold as a set of 8
  • Primary Current: 5A
  • Output (25pF load): 40 kV
  • Output Energy: 45 mJ (Zener Energy@1000V)
  • Turns Ratio 75:1
  • Base Dwell: 3ms
  • Smart Coil integrated with IGBT driver

This part is legal for sale and use on Uncontrolled (Non-Emissions Controlled) Vehicles.

The following vehicles are considered Uncontrolled (Non-Emissions Controlled) Vehicles:

  • 1965 and older U.S. manufactured California Certified vehicles
  • 1967 and older U.S. manufactured Federally Certified vehicles
  • 1967 and older Foreign manufactured vehicle

WARNING: It is against the law to install this part on an Emissions Controlled Vehicle

The following vehicles are considered Emissions Controlled Vehicles:

  • 1966 and newer U.S. manufactured California Certified vehicles
  • 1968 and newer U.S. manufactured Federally Certified vehicles
  • 1968 and newer Foreign manufactured vehicle


Connector Type
Set of 8
Base Dwell
Turns Ratio 75:1
Primary Current
Output (25pF load)
40 KV
Output Energy
45 mJ (Zener Energy@1000V)
"This part is legal for sale and use on Uncontrolled  (Non-Emissions Controlled)  Vehicles.

The following vehicles are considered Uncontrolled  (Non-Emissions Controlled)  Vehicles:
1965 and older U.S. manufactured California Certified vehicles
1967 and older U.S. manufactured Federally Certified vehicles
1967 and older Foreign  manufactured vehicle
WARNING: It is against the law to install this part on an Emissions  Controlled Vehicle

The following vehicles are considered Emissions Controlled Vehicles:

1966 and newer U.S.  manufactured California Certified vehicles
1968 and newer U.S.  manufactured Federally Certified vehicles
1968 and newer Foreign  manufactured vehicle"