Killshot Classic 4-bbl EFI System

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*Pro Dash doesn't apply to Killshot Classic(only) Version.

Fuel System Type: Killshot Classic (only)

Fuel System Type

The Most Affordable!

The Killshot™ Classic is our most affordable upgrade to EFI yet!!

Easier Install!

With a simplified wiring harness, the Killshot Classic makes upgrading to EFI super easy!

400 HP!

With four 65lb/hr injectors, you can support up to 400 HP on Naturally Aspirated applications!

Better Drivability!

Turn the key and experience a smoother drive than ever before with improved software design, EVEN WHEN ITS STILL COLD!!

Stock to Mild

If you have a stock or mild application, the Killshot Classic just might be your best fit for EFI conversion.

Versatile Fuel Module Options

Tailor your fuel delivery system to match your specific requirements with a choice of Fuel Module Systems, allowing you to optimize fuel flow and pressure for maximum engine performance.

Command Center 2 Surge Tank

- Single high-volume 340LPH pump
- No needle seats or floats to get hung up or stuck!
- Can be mounted in multiple positions from vertical to horizontal
- Built-in 58 Psi Regulator no need for external regulator, can be switched to 43.5Psi regulator

Tight Fit In-tank Pump Module (255 LPH)

- Installs in almost any tank with a depth of 6 to 12 inches
- Low profile design for maximum clearance from the vehicle's floor pan
- Unique O-Ring 360-degree mounting flange for unlimited mounting options.
- Single high-quality 255 L/PH fuel pump for engines producing up to 600 HP.

Tank Conversion Pump Module (340 LPH)

- Can go from 14 in. deep pump to 6 in. by cutting tube
- Available with 340 LPH (89 GPH) fuel pump
- O-ring style 360-degree mounting flange for ease of maintenance
- Internally regulated