Jackpot LS & LS Pro EFI Hi-Rise Intake Top End Kits

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Marvelous March Promo! This kit will come with a free:

  • Pressure Sensor Kit
  • Adjustable AN Wrench
  • And your choice of either our AS2010 Full House CDI Kit or a set of AM3011 LS Valve Covers! Just add one of them to your cart along with this product!

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Choose HP Level: 500 HP

500 HP
500 HP
800 HP

Choose Trans Control: Manual Trans

Manual Trans
Manual Trans
GM 4-Speed & Manual Trans

Manifold Color: Black

Original Finish
SKU: AS20111-AM2034-5

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The single plane Hi-Rise LS1/LS2/LS6 intake manifolds from Aces are designed for high-performance/racing and engine swap applications. Ideal for those seeking increased performance, an aggressive look, or more under-hood clearance, this carb-style EFI intake manifold enables you to generate more horsepower and torque while maintaining a classic appearance under the hood. Aces offers its hi-rise LS Intake Manifold for LS1/LS2/LS6 applications (cathedral port), available in black or natural aluminum finishes. Each kit includes a cast manifold, eight 36/65 lb/hr injectors, a 4-bbl throttle body (with MAP, IAC, and TPS sensors), anodized aluminum fuel rails with hardware and -8 AN fittings, and your choice of either a Jackpot LS or Jackpot Pro LS system, complete with all necessary harnesses and sensors for easy installation.

The 7” Pro Dash with GPS speedometer simplifies the setup process, allowing you to answer a few questions about your specific combination to achieve the perfect start-up tune. Once operational, the system's self-learn functionality monitors data and makes real-time adjustments to the calibration, removing the complexity from the tuning process. The more the vehicle is driven, the more refined the tuning becomes.

Aces' Jackpot LS stand-alone system represents the forefront of self-learning technology for GM LS-based engines. Designed to be both affordable and feature-rich, it's suitable for professional racers and hobbyists alike. The Jackpot ECU, built with Aces’ 32-bit Power Architecture®, efficiently manages input/output signals, voltage, and RPM, outperforming the competition.

For stock to mild applications, the calibration wizard and self-learning features negate the need for advanced tuning knowledge. However, for more aggressive or performance-oriented applications, Aces offers a full tuning software suite and USB data cable for manual tuning. The system is compatible with both boost and nitrous (using a separate controller) and includes a standard 2.8-bar MAP sensor.

The Jackpot™ ECU boasts dual WBO2 sensors, closed-loop fuel control, self-learning fuel and ignition control, 8 coil outputs and 8 injector drivers, dual fan control, boost compatibility, nitrous retard, and much more.

Preloaded with base maps for common LS engine combinations, the Jackpot LS system ensures a quick start, whether for casual builds or track-ready cars. Whether you're building a budget-friendly vehicle or a high-performance racing machine, Aces’ Jackpot™ EFI system offers the advanced technology and features you need in an accessible, easy-to-install package.

Product Features

Performance intake

This single-plane design provides optimal performance across the RPM spectrum while providing maximum performance up to 8000 rpm.

Computer Power

• 7 Inch Pro Dash & handheld tuner with GPS speedometer
• 32-bit Power Architecture® Self-learn ECU
• 24X & 58X selectable
• Handheld display the fuel and oil pressure

Boost Your Horsepower

• 500hp, 36lb/hr injectors, 800hp, 65lb/hr
• Billet Fuel rails with AN fittings and fuel crossover


• Transmission control for 4L60, 4L65, 4L80 or 4L85
• Dual WBO2 (Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband)
• Compatible with LS stock coils

Easy to Use

The Jackpot top end kits will come with everything that you need to run LS engine!
• Easy-to-install, can easily be done by the average enthusiast
• Calibration wizard makes initial start-up simple and easy without the need for custom tuning