Common Features

Both of our TBI and Multi-Port systems share the following common features:

Throttle Body Injection


Due to it's affordability and ease of install, TBI systems are the most common EFI types for people who want to switch from a carburetor to EFI. Our TBI systems come in 2 or 4 bbl kits, supporting up to 350 or 650 hp (NA) and are perfect for 4-8 cylinder engines.

TBI Specific Features

Built into the throttle body for boost & nitrous compatibility (using our free laptop software).


Offering greater flexibility for tuning, the ability to manage individual cylinder trim, and higher horsepower limits (if you upgrade injectors, throttle body, etc.), our multi-port EFI systems for 8 cylinder engines offer greater customization, while still being very intuitive and easy to install for the average enthusiasts.

Multi-port Specific Features

True sequential EFI for individual level cylinder trim, unlike the bank to bank multi-port systems on the market.