About Us – Aces Fuel Injection


ACES Fuel Injection specializes in developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art performance engine management systems and ignition components, geared toward do-it-yourself automotive enthusiasts. Our company was founded with an electromechanical engineering background, and our talented staff always keeps a grip on the newest technology available. We use our expertise to guarantee top-notch quality components and constant innovation of new products and services for car and truck enthusiasts around the world.

Our greatest advantage is the overall simplicity of our products. From the painless installation to real-time tuning in just hours, our fuel injection systems offer a great advantage over the competition. For example, our “Full House” series ECU features a built-in interface that allows the user to have full control of the engine without the need of a PC. This allows you to install the system at home without the need of special tools or software. We also offer several other components to help seamlessly integrate and improve the operating efficiency of the fuel injection system.

Our craftsmanship and technology are built upon a foundation of extreme performance. With a history of producing winning results in a wide variety of applications, from street cruisers to road racers, our pedigree offers proof of our commitment to attain the best results, wherever we compete. With more than 10 years of experience developing and designing high-performance products, ACES Fuel Injection has a product to fit your needs.


Research, innovate, and develop real, efficient, and quality solutions. Making engine management technology the key factor of success. Bringing pride and satisfaction to customers by integrating them into the ACES Fuel Injection Team.


Become the world’s leading company in engine management technology.


Ethics, commitment, professionalism, teamwork, quality, pioneering spirit, creativity, continuous innovation, pursuit of results and customer satisfaction.