ACES EFI Releases Its Killshot™ TBI EFI System – Aces Fuel Injection

ACES EFI Releases Its Killshot™ TBI EFI System


Dayton, Tennessee—ACES EFI is proud to announce the release of its Killshot™ TBI electronic fuel injection system. The Killshot™ is designed for performance automotive applications up to 650 horsepower and can easily be installed with no special tools or advanced tuning required. The system runs on ACES’ 32-Bit Power Architecture. This technology allows the ECU to monitor engine parameters in real time and make calibration changes faster than any other system available. The throttle body fit any 4150-intake flange, features four integrated 100 lb/hr fuel injectors, MAP Sensor, and IAT sensor. ACES designed the Killshot™ with the ECU separate from the throttle body. This prevents damage from unwanted engine vibration and heat, giving you increased reliability.

The Killshot™ is designed to be easy to install and nearly effortless to calibrate, thanks to its self-tuning functionality. Once the vehicle is up to temperature, the ECU will switch to closed loop fueling mode, which enables Self-Tuning. All you need to do is drive and the system will tune itself. The more you drive, the better the tune.

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