ACES EFI Introduces the World’s First Flex Fuel Self-Tuning EFI System!

ACES EFI Introduces the World’s First Flex Fuel Self-Tuning EFI System!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - December 8, 2022

Dayton, Tennessee—ACES EFI, the manufacturer of the hottest new EFI technology on the market, has teamed up with Advanced Fuel Dynamics, the experts in flex fuel technology, to create the world's first, most advanced Flex Fuel Throttle Body EFI—the ACES Flex Fuel Killshot™ TBI System.

This new TBI will safely run gasoline, E85, or any blend of the two fuels. It senses the fuel mixture and adjusts the calibration to the proper fuel mixture in real time.

ACES’ revolutionary Killshot TBI system comes complete with everything you need to run right out of the box. It utilizes four 160 lb./hr. fuel injectors, giving the system the capability of supporting up to 650 horsepower. The system includes the throttle body (with integrated fuel injectors, TPS sensor, MAP sensor, IAT sensor, and stepper motors), wiring harness, O2 sensor, ECU, Fuel Sensor, wiring harness, and the patented flex fuel management technology pioneered, and market proven by Advanced Fuel Dynamics. The kit also includes a handheld programmer for easy tuning and monitoring of engine data and displays your actual gas/E85 fuel mixture in real time.

Some key features include:

  • 4150 flange throttle body for easy carburetor replacement
  • Four integrated 160 lb./hr. fuel injectors
  • Fully integrated Advanced Fuel Dynamics flex fuel management - safely run gas, E85 or any blend of the two fuels.  Switch fuels anytime.
  • 7-10% More wheel HP and torque using E85 (dyno proven)
  • Increased engine life - keeps engine clean, and reduces cylinder, oil, and coolant temps
  • Knock resistance – E85 is equal to 110-114 octane gasoline.  Great for high-compression and forced induction applicatins.
  • Integrated TPS, MAP, and IAT sensors
  • System supports up to 650 horsepower
  • Integrated ignition timing control and coil driver
  • Adaptive self-tuning strategy for idle control and fuel control
  • High-quality 4.9 wideband sensor
  • Dual electric fan control
  • High-resolution 5-inch full color touchscreen handheld controller for initial setup, tuning, and gauge displays
  • View accurate, real-time ethanol content on the handheld device
  • CAN communication for Handheld Controller-based calibration and display

The ACES EFI Killshot TBI System is available for pre-order at now and will begin shipping in late January 2023.

For more information call 423-590-ACES (2237) or visit

1441 Market Street
Dayton, TN 37321 USA
423-590-ACES (2237)